Changing your world. One stack at a time.

The purpose of life is to grow and expand. We can only grow and expand by intention and if we learn from the daily triggers. The Universe is giving us daily opportunities to grow. Daily triggers to learn from. Each trigger is a gift from the Divine. These triggers help us grow. If we are willing to learn the lessons they bring. 

The Stack was developed by Garrett J White from the Warrior Movement.  The Stack is a structured series of questions that is available on your cellphone or PC. It takes us to the stories beyond our triggers. It exposes the stories we tell ourselves.  This is the best transformational tool I ever came across in my life. Our stories are more powerful than our values. Our lives are being run by the stories we tell ourselves. Either consciously or unconsciously. The stack is there to take us to the Divine Triangle that guides us. If we are willing to listen. 

This site is a series of stacks (stories) from the people that live the Warriors way. This is some of their own personal daily journaling. Their own daily sacred scripture. Conversations with their own inner Voice. Do not take it lightly. Names and places were changed to save the identity and confidentiality of the people and their families. 

The Stack takes us back into our pit of darkness.  This time armed with light. To come out with a lesson learnt from the Divine. The Universe will keep on giving us opportunities to learn from until we learn and apply the lesson. We have a choice. We can go into our pit of darkness and stay there. We can sedate with food and alcohol. We can die in the pit of darkness.....Or we can go into the pit of darkness, learn the lesson from the Divine and come out stronger on the other side. There is GOLD in every trigger. Triggers are a gift from the Divine. To learn to win the war inside of us. 

The ultimate goal of stacking is to deal with our own irritations and triggers. Irritation ignored becomes anger. Anger ignored becomes rage. Rage causes damage that leads to regrets. Rage damages us and those closest to us.

"The stack game transforms a man from the inside out. Your inner voice sculpts you and me to become exactly what you were born to be."- Garrett J White.

The stack is the ability to connect directly with the source of life. The ability to connect directly to God. The ability to write your own scripture. By You...For You. 

There is a Voice inside of us that guides us. The Stack enables us to discover our own gifts that are within ourselves. By a series of questions, you will be able to identify your own gifts. Your own truths. Your own secrets. Your own stories that are holding you back. Everybody has their own Voice talking to them. You can write your own guidebook. You only have to consult your Inner Self. You can be your own best Guide...Your own best Mentor...Your own best Trainer... Your own stacks become your own compass created by you for you. Click here to take the challenge and write your own story. 

I took the challenge in December 2020.  Click here if you are interested to write your own story. 

13 June 2021
Story:I've lost my temper. I did not get enough sex in the last three months. And none the last two weeks. My wife is not doing what she committed to do. I do not expect her to do it. But the lack of sex is killing me. I've just lost my temper. We had a major collision where I called her names ...
12 June 2021
You do not deserve to have a Kingdom if you are not willing to do the work!!The Story: I can not even walk past a pizza or sweet or chocolate without giving in to the temptation. I know I may not have it. I know that I am overweight. But I still do not ha...
09 June 2021
Original Story I woke up this morning and took a photo of the sunrise from my stoep. I've been living in this house for almost 12 years. That sunrise was there each and every day. Each and every day I had the following choices: 1. What stories will I tell myself?  2. What stories will I believe...
28 May 2021
 Apathy is characterized by neglect, indifference, poverty, and in more severe degrees by despair and homelessness. A state of despair and helplessness. Someone here is needy and dependent on others for help, such as the homeless, the poor, the aged population. The prevailing view is one of hop...
27 May 2021
 Guilt and the consequences of Guilt. Guilt is a learned behavior. You see yourself and God as punitive. Guilt takes the form of penance, self-hatred, psychological and physical self-punishment, suicide, delf abnegation, and self-propagating addiction. "Oh look, God, how I suffer" becomes a sub...

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